Are you looking for the perfect place for brunch in Malaga? Brunchit Coffee and Kitchen has two cafés and Malaga to enjoy a big breakfast – and so much more. The menu offers a large selection of sweet and savoury dishes. Choose from colourful salad bowls, tasty pizzas or juicy […]


For a fancy ice cream! Slightly more expensive,  but the fruit flavours are so fresh it feels like licking frozen fruit! What’s more, the chocolate and cookies ice cream is packed with goodness. Choose as many flavours as you like, and watch how the Amorino expert shapes your ice cream cone […]


Smoy? Smoo-ey? Smoh-ey? We’re not so sure… Open till 01:30, so great for a midnight stop. The international frozen yoghurt brand has quickly taken over the world with its yoghurt ice cream. Personalise it by choosing your own toppings, such as cookies, dulce de leche or mango. Tip for the […]


Feeling adventurous? This place is famous for their alternative flavours, such as Frozen (as in the Disney film) or a choice between Whatsapp and Facebook. What’s more, you can cover your chosen creation in a wide range of toppings and sauces – for free! Calle Granada, 8, 29015 Málaga Muelle […]

Heladería Chocolate

At the bottom end of Calle Larios lays this hidden gem. Ideal for a quick cool-me-off while shopping, because we all know how tiring that is. Choosing might be difficult, so feel free to ask to taste some flavours before making up your mind. Calle Martínez, 22, 29005 Málaga cone, one […]

Dulces Dreams

Walking past this little square, there is no way you can miss Dulces Dreams, a café as sweet as its name. With a colourful mix ‘n’ match of chairs and couches, Dulces Dreams lures you right in. Its menu boasts healthy juices as well as sweat treats and yummy sandwiches, […]

Julia Bakery

This bakery-and-café-in-one has take away as well as eat in, so you can not only enjoy its bread and cakes at home, but also with a coffee at the large wooden tables. The owners of Julia Bakery are passionate about baking, and will kindly explain you everything you want to […]

The Good Burger

Being somewhat in between a traditional fast food restaurant and a real burger place, The Good Burger serves best of both worlds. Choose from the small but varied menu with burgers made sur place, either for take away or eating in. On a money diet? Consult their website for special […]

Casa Aranda

Established more than 75 years ago, this local café and churreria now has two branches in Málaga. Be it the local atmosphere, the great churros or the charismatic waiters, Casa Aranda sure is a well-loved place for many Malagueños. Go in the morning to wake up with a typical Spanish breakfast while the Boquerones discuss the latest […]

El Pimpi

Ah, El Pimpi. You cannot get more Málaga than this unmistakable institution; a must-do for anyone in the city. This restaurant and bodega has a varied but carefully-considered selection of the best of Málaga’s dishes, and its terrace with a view on the Alcazaba is definitely a plus. In a […]

La Bella Julieta

Bagels! You thought you’d seen the last of them when you came to Málaga, didn’t you? But no. Not only does La Bella Julieta do bagels, they have a delicious range of sandwiches in all kinds of bread. Add to that delicious pastries, coffee and juices, and your breakfast, brunch […]

Café Central

Coffee bar Café Central at the Plaza de la Constitución is one of those famous long established cafeterías. It has been around since 1930 and quickly gained fame, and in the 50s it was a place packed with talent when painters, writers and singers would meet up here to discuss everyday Spanish […]

Atarazanas market: food market

Discover the flavours and smells of Andalucia at the local food market Atarazanas in the centre of Malaga – a must for every visitor in Malaga. This is the heart of Malaga’s gastronomy, with every Malagueño looking for the best ingredients for their home cooking. It is where Malagueños do their […]

Mia Coffee shop

Whether it is good vibes or coffee you are looking for, Mia Coffee has both. The small coffee shop has loads of playful slogans on the walls, but also serves outstanding coffee. The pastries and gluten-free cakes form a nice addition to the menu. Enjoy your coffee at one of […]

Santa Canela

“Why have chairs and tables indoors if you live in Málaga?”, the founders of Santa Canela must have thought. They converted the small indoor space into a showcase for their cakes, and turned the big terrace into a seating area. The heaters and blankets keep you warm on even the […]


If you put a sign outside saying that your own carrot cake is “espectacular”, then the bar is set high. Everest high. Good thing that the ladies of Desal know what they are doing. Having tested both their carrot cake AND chocolate cake (no half measures here) we can confirm […]

La Peregrina Centro

“I want to mingle with the locals.” “I’d like a lunch for less than 10 euros.” “I want to eat some typically local food.” Look no further – La Peregrina fits your needs. This restaurant has three branches, one of them located in the centre of Málaga right off Plaza […]

La Calle Burger

If you like your burgers big and juicy, La Calle is the place to go. It has gone from being a back-street hang-out for those in the know to a fully-fledged chain in the space of the just over a year, with franchises spread out across Malaga province. Choose between […]

Monte Culebra

Hot diggity dog! First there were burgers (check out La Calle or TGB), now hot dogs are taking over Málaga. Not just any factory sausage slapped between a sloppy bun. No no, Monte Culebra takes this classic to a whole new level of foodie goodness. Roll up your sleeves and […]

Recyclo Bike Café

This quirky café-meets-bike-shop is a big favourite in Málaga. Great for having a casual drink with friends on the terrace, but also popular because of its many vegetarian and vegan menu options. Its wacky interior, with bikes hanging down from the ceiling, is fun and inviting, which possibly explains why the place […]

Las Merchanas

You can’t get much more Málaga than this! With wall-to-wall Semana Santa photos, statues, posters and sculptures, there is certainly no escaping the fact that you’re in Spain. Always packed full with locals, you will struggle to find a seat unless you go at ‘guiri’ time (before 8pm). A great place […]

Café de l’Abuela

Exploring the centre? Take a break at Café de l’Abuela, a cosy and inviting café located between the Cathedral and the Picasso Museum. With outdoor seating and a view of the Cathedral, it is no wonder that this local café is popular with many tourists looking to recharge their batteries while on […]

La Tetería

The Middle East never feels far away in Málaga. Besides the Hammam and the Alcazaba, you can also endulge in the Arabic atmosphere at one of the many teterías. These tearooms typically serve a wide range of teas and Arabic sweets in a traditional setting, with plentiful lanterns, cushions and tapestries. La Tetería […]

El Mesón de Cervantes

El Mesón de Cervantes has been serving the city for a number of years now and continues to go from strength to strength, opening a third sell-out restaurant in the centre. Run by an Argentinian family, the menu is geared towards sharing and this is what we strongly recommend. In […]


The hustle and bustle of this vibrant industrial-style restaurant is perhaps unsurprising considering the free tapas offered with every drink! Simple, almost pub food, of good quality and at reasonable prices: an international menu, with burgers, traditional ‘raciones’ (large sharing plates) and even fried rice or noodles. A great place […]

Fishy food: The taste of Malaga

Located right on the coast, Málaga has all the goodness of the sea to offer. From octopus and crab to sardines and mussels, you’ll get them straight off the boat and onto your plate. With the addition of some olive oil and salt (ingredients no Andalusian dish would go without), […]

El Farolito

For steak lovers, there is no better spot than Argentinean steakhouse El Farolito. With a cosy interior and a nice heated patio onto Calle Beatas, guests are made to feel welcome by a passionate team eager to find the best cut for you. Portions are generous and most come accompanied […]

Los Gatos

Located in the popular Plaza Uncibay, you might not spot it at first through the crowds of people either trying to squeeze in or filling the stools outside. One of the most popular restaurants in the city and for good reason: simple Spanish food done well, whether meat or fish. […]

Bodega El Patio

Despite being located on the touristy Calle Granada, El Patio is a good option for simple Spanish food, especially paella. Paella, normally served only to large groups or at special times, is available all day, any day here and are of excellent quality – quite possibly the only city centre […]

Napolitan BBQ

If you like burgers and you like them big, Napolitan BBQ has to be your default option. The vast menu incorporates numerous gourmet options (serrano ham, fried mozzarella, fried aubergines…) as well as your standard cheese or chicken burgers. Piles of meat stacked metres high (maybe a slight exaggeration, but […]

Café Berlin

This little German-run café provides a surprising tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Located right in front of the Revello de Toro museum, and just a stone’s throw from the Museum of Malaga and the cathedral, this bar is the perfect stop-off point for a […]


For a simple but delicious lunch in Pedregalejo, Mafalda is a good option. Located around half-way down the seafront, Mafalda has all outdoor seating with views of the sea, perfect for lapping up the rays on a sunny day. The restaurant is self-service, so you must go up to look […]

Heladería Cremade

For those craving something sweet after a walk by the sea in Pedregalejo, Heladería Cremade will have you covered. Boasting more than 25 different ice cream flavours to choose from as well as sundaes, iced juices and other desserts, Cremade has been in business since 1970, with the shop now […]

La Machina

Whether you fancy a bite to eat, a cocktail or simply a quick coffee, La Machina is one of the best spots in Pedregalejo to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of the area. An extensive menu offers everything from international tapas and salads to burgers and sandwiches. […]

Pollos San Juan: chicken and chips

Since 1963, Pollos San Juan fills the street surrounding the Atarazanas market with the smell of roasted chicken. It is no surprise that the chicken menu, with a quarter, half or a whole chicken served with chips and a sauce, have been a number 1 bestseller since its opening in 1963. This […]

Casa Mira

Casa Mira is big, and for a good reason! On a hot day, and often into the early hours of the morning, this place is packed full of people looking for a sweet cool-me-down. One reason is the vast range of tasty flavours, but the other is that Casa Mira […]

Noodles & go

Asian food, and lots of it. Prices are a bit high here but portions are enormous and will leave you plenty to take home for lunch the next day. The menu is simple, with the main dishes based around either noodles or rice, plus the meat and/or veg of your […]


When going to NicPic, you might get a little sense of déjà-vu… Cosy interior? With mix’n’match furniture? A stylishly designed logo and menu? Isn’t this a lot like … Dulces Dreams? You’re completely right! Beneath Picnic Dreams, Dulces Dreams’ sister hostel, you find this vegetarian (with plenty of vegan options) and […]

La Flor Negra: elegant cuisine

With the delicatessen La Flor Negra, Malaga has gained an elegant bar-restaurant that combines French and Italian cuisine. From breakfast to afternoon snack and dinner, this kitchen has something to satisfy every craving. La Flor Negra specializes in French and Italian cuisine. There are typical French dessert, such as fruit […]

Plaza de la Merced

  This beautiful square is a must-see for so many different reasons. Firstly, Plaza de la Merced is the birthplace of none other than Pablo Picasso. Málaga’s most famous son was born in the house on the most north-westerly corner, which has now been converted into Casa Natal (birth house) […]

Malapizza Pizzeria

For our money, this is by far the best takeaway pizza restaurant in Malaga. (There are seats to eat in, but you wouldn’t want to take a date there, put it that way…) A vast selection of authentic Italian pizzas, snacks, desserts and beers occupy the menu, whether you fancy […]

The Shakespeare

English-style pub in the heart of Malaga, the Shakespeare is a hub for expat activity. Run by Peter Edgerton, musician and writer, there is a strong sense of community here. With events including live music and sport, pub quizzes and language exchanges, there is always something going on with a […]

Green Iguana Bar: international food

The tapas bar Green Iguana Bar brings a mix of international food and positive vibes. Located in the historic centre, their menu includes classic burgers and tacos as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Popular dishes on offer are guacamole with tortilla, grilled mushroom burgers with garlic and white wine, […]
Mercado El Carmen Malaga

Mercado El Carmen: food market

The Malaga food market El Carmen is known for its fresh fish and seafood. However it also has a wide selection of meat, artisan bread, local cheeses, spices and more. The market has been part of the El Perchel neighbourhood for more than 140 years. With its charming location next […]